Monday, June 05, 2006

Kuasa Selangor 2006

Muaahahahaaha!!!!!!!! (Evil Laugh)

This part of my photoblog has been under construction for almost a year. (Come on la.... I'm a true Malaysian. I must construct something and take a very long time to finish it.)

Well today (1 May 2007) I will finish it, if I can still remember the day.

I do remember it was a Wesak Day, so it was almost a year to the day. I went to Kuala Selangor with 3 of my friends, planning to spend the night there. The main purpose of going there was to see the fireflies.

When we first arrived we surveyed the firefly park straight away. There were 2 available places there, Kampung Kuantan and another one that I can't remember the name. But the 2nd place has a chalet in the area and more expensive. It looks nice though so we planned to come back here after it gets dark.

In the meantime, we ate lunch that my friend brought and then look for accomodation. After driving around we found a suitable place. It was one of those shophouse hotel but it's okay. I do remember taking the RM90 room. It has a double bed, TV and indoor bathroom. The cheapest room is RM45 I think. It's for 2 person but no TV or indoor bathroom. FYI.

After a quick rest we took a walk to Bukit Melawati which is just at the back of our hotel block. We took a train up. I don't remember the fee but it's not expensive. You can see the photos below.

When it gets dark we headed to the firefly park but damn there were a lot of people. So we decided to go to Kampung Kuantan. Fortunately there were not so many people.

The fee is RM10 per person and it's 4 people per boat. Now, I must say it's one of those wooden boats and it moves via manpower. We were a bit nervous at the beginning but it was okay. We were given lifejackets.

The boatman gave us a nice tour of the area. He gave a lot of information about the nature of the fireflies, the place, the history etc. He also said that it's better to see the fireflies here (Kg. Kuantan) than the other place because they use a big motorboat that fits about 15 people. It would be noisy (with the people and the boat) which I think is true. The trip on the boat was very nice and peaceful. He even brought us very close to shore so that we can touch the fireflies. No way we can do that with the motorboat. All in all, I would recommend you go to Kg. Kuantan.
Sorry no photos. You just have to be there to truly appreciate it. Well... actually you need a really powerful camera to shoot the fireflies.

After that we went for dinner and then we went to sleep. The next morning we went home.

The end.


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