Monday, June 05, 2006

A view from the top of Bukit Melawati. Posted by Picasa

Bukit Melawati in Kuala Selangor was a fort in the olden days. You can see the sea from here. The cannons used then are still there. According to the information wall placed at the foot of the hill, there are also 7 wells, a stone slab claimed to have been used as an execution block and a poisonous well. However we didn't get to see the 7 wells and the stone slab because the area was closed. A worker there told us that the Agong was there on that day. So I guess it was closed off.

However, as I read about the 7 wells and the stone slab, I felt that I've been here before. And when I saw the cannons I was sure I've been here before. So, I did get to see the wells and the stone long long time ago.

We did get to see the poisonous well though. It was situated at a lower level of the hill. No photo, sorry.


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