Friday, January 02, 2009


After a wedding, a vacation and I don't know how many weeks, this is what I get. I thought everything would be easier now since I only have to finish the sky but boy.... was I wrong. I was resolved to using the 'trial and error' method - try every piece until you find one that fits. This time my nephews and nieces helped a bit. After a week, it's finally done. *phew* and yippee! I completed my first 3000-piece jigsaw puzzle!

As usual I left it there on the carpet for a few days. Anyway, one of my nephews who is so excited about the process of breaking it up was not around. I know, I'm such a great aunt. But that took a couple of weeks because they didn't come over :( My cat get to have a little fun though.

Attack of the 50-foot cat

One day they finally came. After weeks and weeks of hard work, it took them 30 seconds to turn the puzzle into this.....

The nephew whom I was waiting for wasn't there but I can't stand it anymore. That thing must go back into the box. But when he finally came the week after, he didn't ask me about it. He's 6, I guess he forgot all about it.

Some of you who's not a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast may not understand and think it's such a waste of time but I love it. I can't explain it.

Next up! 5000 pieces!

Anybody care to sponsor the puzzle?



At 9:17 AM, December 10, 2010, Blogger Mui Him said...

You have lots of patience...tabik!


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