Monday, February 07, 2005

Gapura Batu

Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park Posted by Hello
From the GWK Cultural Park brochure,

The 250 ha site incorporates a wide range of cultural attractions, performances spaces, and food and beverage outlets. Like the royal palaces of Bali, visitors to GWK will find both monumental splendour and spiritual tranquility, all enhanced by modern, efficient facilities and services.

I was interested with this place because of an article a friend passed to me after she knew I was going to Bali. All I know about this place is there's the big statue of Wisnu. The driver then told us that this site is special because all the buildings here were actually carved out from the existing limestone hill at that very spot. I was quite impressed but not convinced.

We visited the amphitheatre, Plaza Kura Kura, the exhibition gallery and the statue. But from the first look it doesn't look 'carved'. I mean, they could have cut the stones from another place, make it into big chunks and stack them up to make the buildings. The brochure didn't mention anything about its architecture either. It just mentioned that they were made out of limestone.

Now, after looking at all the photos and reading the brochure carefully, I regretted not looking at them with a more critical eye. An artist rendition with a view of the whole place makes me see how the buildings could really come from the existing limestone hill. Yes you might say, "An artist rendition will make it look like whatever they want it to be." But you just have to be there to feel the grandeur of the place. I think what the driver said is true.

I would have loved to examine every corner of the wall to see some sign of it being joined. But I was afraid that my present company would think I'm weird and nerdy to want to know about these things. Anyway it was late and ST looks a bit tired so the considerate me have to let it pass. Now I'm left with this twinge of regret.


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