Monday, February 07, 2005

A cliff at Uluwatu

Bali, Jan 05 Posted by Hello
"Manyak orang munuh niri kat sini" [A lot of ppl attempted suicide here]
So says our driver. I don't mean to mock him but that's the way he talks. I think he has a short tongue. This tidbit was confirmed by the temple guide. There were cases where foreigner would come to this place and jump into the rocky waters below.

The actual place that they jump from is not visible here. It's hard to get the actual shot because of the terrain. I wanted to get a shot of the last thing that the jumper might see while doing the deed. I could have crouch down, held out the camera, point it downwards and click. But the guide was like, "Hati-hati, jangan dekat sangat" [Careful not too close] So, I didn't get the shot. It was pretty scary anyway.

But if I can zoom out from this shot, the spot would be at the lower right, between the two cliffs.


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